Turning squares into hills - Devblog #1

June 26, 2018

It's been a while since I started the development of 'Project Colony'. Now is the time to show some things to the world.


So, first entry. Where to begin?

I will not start with a post describing everything that is already implemented in the game (because that's a lot... maybe next time, start the blog earlier than half a year in?!), instead I will show progress made in the previous week and bring up the things that are already implemented when I think it's worth to mention. Should you want an overview of those things, you can find it on the 'Project Colony' page.


The first thing that saw the light of day was the map generator. For now, it's a simple perlin noise algorithm creating the floor tiles and adding objects (like hills, mountains, trees and grass) on top of them.

The second thing was the Pathfinder. It starts after the map is done and creates a map of walkable nodes. Characters roaming the map can now request a path from one part of the map to the next.


While the hills being nothing but squares not aware of their surroundings worked for testing, it just looked wrong for 'naturally' occurring objects.

Hills and walls as squares


To keep it simple, I've added a function that checks for neighbouring tiles (up, right, down, left) and loads a graphic fitting to those neighbours. That pumped up the work I have with drawing those objects (I now have to draw at least 16 graphics instead of 1 + some variations) but it looks way better.

 Hills now 'react' to their neighbours...


The same works for walls built by your colonists (did I mention that your colonists can build stuff? well now I did). I tested how it would look if walls reacted to hills. Well, that's how:


 ...and so do walls


Not what I want, so this will be changed. I might try hills reacting to walls instead walls reacting to hills :-?


You might see how that looks in the Devblog next week!



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Turning squares into hills - Devblog #1

June 26, 2018

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